Robust Hardware Solutions for Embedded Systems

Harness the prowess of Runweltek's System on Modules (SOMs), featuring leading processors from Allwinner and Rockchip. Tailored for Linux and Android platforms, our SOM integrations deliver robust, scalable solutions, ensuring peak performance and adaptability for your software environment.

Deploy rugged hardware components for dependable performance in harsh environments.
Easily incorporate System-on-Modules into custom carrier solutions for real-time Linux applications.
Tailor hardware setups to match the specific requirements of robotics and industrial projects.

Custom Solutions for Linux and Android

Optimize your technology projects with our advanced SOM integrations, perfectly suited for embedded Linux and Android applications. Harness the power of custom configurations to meet your project's specific requirements.

Custom Configurations: Enhance device performance and capabilities for Linux and Android systems.
IoT and Smart Connectivity: Boost device connectivity for emerging IoT and smart technology applications.
Efficient Scaling: Easily scale from small devices to complex systems within diverse operational demands.

High-Performance Vision Processing

Elevate your vision processing capabilities with our SOMs designed for high-load applications like multiple camera setups, advanced image processing, and real-time video analytics.

Multi-Camera Integration: Streamline multi-camera management for enhanced surveillance and VR applications.
Real-Time Analytics: Support instant video and image processing for critical real-time applications.
Machine Vision: Improve navigation and functionality in robotics and drones with sophisticated vision capabilities.
Runweltek System on Modules

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