Expert PCB Design and Engineering Solutions

3DPHOTONiX delivers professional PCB design solutions, focusing on efficiency, reliability, and innovation to meet your business needs. Our expertise ensures your projects achieve optimal performance and market readiness. Partner with us for straightforward, cutting-edge PCB engineering.

PCB Design
Hardware Development
Mass Production
Firmware Development
PCB Design and Development

Precision-engineered for superior performance and manufacturability.

Hardware Development

Comprehensive solutions from concept to completion.

Firmware Development

Elevate Your Product's Core with Tailored Firmware Solutions.

Mass Production Management

Streamlining your supply chain with integrated drop shipping solutions

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Real Solutions for Real Hardware Challenges

Tackling complex hardware development hurdles with expertly engineered solutions, ensuring your projects advance from conceptualization to commercial realization seamlessly.




IP Protection
Supplier Sourcing
Production Oversight
MVP Creation

Services Tailored to Your Needs

Precision Engineering

Utilizing advanced tools and expertise to ensure accuracy and quality in every design.

Comprehensive Consultation

Providing insightful consultations to align our solutions with your project goals.

Scalable Solutions

Adapting to the scope and complexity of your project, ensuring seamless progression from design to production.

Project Management

Ensuring smooth progression with meticulous planning and coordination from inception to delivery.

IP Protection

Ensuring the confidentiality and security of your project data.

Quality Assurance

Adhering to the highest industry standards for reliable and effective solutions.

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Technical Exploration of USB Redrivers with a Spotlight on the TUSB1044 IC
January 8, 2024

Technical Exploration of USB Redrivers with a Spotlight on the TUSB1044 IC

Explore the intricacies of USB redriver technology, emphasizing the TUSB1044 IC. Discover its role in high-speed USB data transmission, focusing on functionalities, technical specifications, and PCB design integration.

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