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We’re proud partners with PCBWay, a leader in PCB manufacturing. Our collaboration ensures your projects benefit from the best of both worlds: 3DPHOTONiX’s innovative PCB design expertise and PCBWay’s advanced manufacturing processes. We work hand in hand to deliver quality and efficiency, turning complex designs into reality. It’s partnership designed to streamline your path from concept to production.

Design excellence meets manufacturing precision with PCBWay.
Quicker prototypes, seamless production transitions.
Expertise multiplied, ensuring your project's success.


3DPHOTONiX collaborates with RUNWELLTEK to utilize their custom Linux SOMs built on Allwinner and Rockchip cutting-edge technologies, enhancing our capacity to deliver superior, high-performance hardware solutions. RUNWELLTEK’s broad array of SOM offerings allows us to provide precisely tailored products that not only meet but exceed the diverse and complex requirements of our clients. This partnership strategically positions us to leverage advanced processing capabilities and innovative technology to develop reliable, scalable solutions that push the boundaries of what's possible in custom hardware.

Linux SOM Integration: Enhance system performance with robust Linux-based SOMs.
Vision Processing: Enable advanced real-time analytics and decision-making.
Hardware Acceleration: Accelerate processing speeds for more efficient operations.

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