Creating Virtual Visions: Tailor-made VR/AR Optics & Optical Waveguide Innovation

Shaping Your Augmented Reality with Customized Optical Excellence

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Kickstart Your Venture with Customized VR/AR Hardware

Crafting Unique VR/AR Experiences for Your Startup’s Success
Complete VR/AR Product Development Journey
Crafting Immersive Realities
Design and Engineering
Prototyping and Testing
Manufacturing and Production
Launch and Support
VR/AR Optics Design
Tailored design and engineering of optics exclusively for your VR/AR hardware, delivering exceptional image quality and enhancing the overall user experience.
MicroLED Projection Systems
Design and development of cutting-edge MicroLED projection systems for sharp, clear, and immersive VR/AR experiences
Optical Simulation
Our team utilizes advanced software tools to conduct precise optical simulations and modeling. Through these simulations, we assess and optimize the performance of your VR/AR optics, guaranteeing maximum efficiency and accuracy.
Waveguide Development
Our experts specialize in the development and optimization of waveguides for AR devices. With a focus on efficient light propagation, we create waveguides that deliver immersive augmented reality experiences.
Testing and Validation
Testing and validation are crucial in ensuring the quality of your VR/AR optical systems. Our team conducts rigorous assessments, including resolution, field of view, distortion, and color accuracy, to meet stringent performance standards.

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