LEPTON: The Ultimate Tool for Industrial Prototyping and Production

Core Features

Next-generation UV light-Engine

The integration of high precision UV light engine projector will greatly improve the precision and repeatability of 3D printed parts. The UV light engine projector uses advanced UV optical technology to project a highly precise and intense beam of light that is able to cure liquid resin into solid objects with incredible accuracy. This allows for the creation of highly detailed and complex parts that are consistent and repeatable

High Speed 3D Printing

The use of advanced UV projector technology, a heavy-duty machine frame, and artificial intelligence will allows LEPTON to operate at high speeds without sacrificing the mechanical accuracy and precision of the printed parts. The advanced UV projector will be able to cure resin quickly and accurately, while the heavy-duty machine frame made from epoxy granite will provide the necessary rigidity and stability to support high-speed printing. The integration of artificial intelligence allows printing parameters to be adjusted in real-time, ensuring that the printed parts are of the highest quality even at high speeds.

Heavy-duty Machine Frame

By using a machine frame made from epoxy granite, LEPTON is able to operate at higher speeds without sacrificing the precision and accuracy of the printed parts. This will be a valuable development for businesses and organizations looking to increase the speed of their 3D printing operations without sacrificing quality.

Seamless Connectivity

LEPTON features IoT based features allowing it to be easily connected to other devices and systems for remote monitoring and control. This allows users to track the printer's performance and status in real-time, and make adjustments as needed. The IoT integration also enables the 3D printer to be integrated into larger production processes and systems, making it a valuable tool for businesses and organizations looking to increase their productivity and efficiency.

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